the ensemble

"The Rushes Ensemble performance was outstanding.  When artists are mindful of the capabilities of the materials at hand, use them in creative and responsible ways . . . a wonderfully deep-seated sense of rest and ease can be created.  And rarely does one get to see a group that has been steadily performing the same work to the point of absolute mastery."
Vancouver Classical Music

Since its formation in 2012, the Rushes Ensemble has established itself as the premier interpreter of Michael Gordon’s Rushes.  The ensemble is made up of seven of the United States’ leading performers of contemporary bassoon music: Dana JessenRachael ElliottMichael HarleyLynn HilemanJeffrey LymanSaxton Rose, and Maya Stone.

The Rushes Ensemble gave the world premiere performance of Rushes in September 2012 at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center in Troy, New York, and has since performed throughout Europe and North America at venues including the November Music and GLOW Festivals in the Netherlands, the Surround Festival in Brugge, Belgium, and the Vancouver New Music Festival in Vancouver, BC.

The ensemble’s recording of the work was released in March 2014 by Cantaloupe Records.